Timing key to getting your blog noticed

9 12 2010

Before a blogger can enlighten or entertain readers, he/she must first get their attention.

Twitter and Facebook are the primary tools bloggers use to trumpet their posts, and as in music, timing is crucial.

HubSpot’s social media analyst, Dan Zarrella, published a report this week on the best times to promote your blog posts on Twitter and Facebook. When it comes to getting noticed among the hundreds of options Web users have each day, every little bit helps.

Zarrella began his analysis with a look at retweets. He found that retweets are much more common during the day than at night. He also found that retweeting peaks around 4 p.m. EST. When he looked at retweets by day of the week, he found that they peaked later in the work week, specifically Friday. Add it up, and Friday at 4 p.m. EST is indeed the best time to tweet about a blog post.

As for Facebook, articles that are published on Saturday or Sunday are shared more than those published during the week. It seems probable that one of the main reasons for this is that (as Wired reported) more than 50% of American companies block Facebook at work. In addition, articles that are published in the morning (around 9 a.m. EST) tend to be shared more on Facebook than articles published at other times of the day.

So, Zarrella’s analysis tells us that bloggers should experiment with publishing articles later in the week — specifically, on Friday and Saturday. Also, by publishing posts early in the day, but tweeting them later in the afternoon, bloggers can stimulate both Facebook shares and retweets.




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